Strings for your Ukulele

I have noticed that people are more interested in learning on how to play the ukulele nowadays. Unlike before, only the old folks knew how to use it. My late grandfather used to play ukulele in front of us, his grandchildren. And when I listened to him, I feel like I was in tropical paradise or would often think of Hawaii.

Anyway, if your hubby is playing this instrument, you might want to know on how to choose strings on ukulele. There is a buying guide online that would help you find the right material at a right price. You can also buy it online so better check it out to avail limited discounts!

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Choobi Choobi Grand Launching at Limketkai

Choobi Choobi photo IMG_2654_zps7ontybp7.jpgLast May 1, 2016, Choobi Choobi officially launched their newest branch at Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro City. The store originally opened its first branch in Cebu on July2013. Currently, the store has 16 branches nationwide and still continues growing.

Choobi Choobi’s tag line is “Lingaw Lingaw Kaon!”, a Visayan word for Enjoy, Enjoy Eating! To give a brief background of this store, it is a family oriented casual dining restaurant. Although some thought that this is a Korean establishment because of how the name sounded, the restaurant actually offered Filipino Food Comfort. Their house specialties are mostly shrimps, and there are also squid, shellfish, fish, lobster, giant bamboo clam and baby lobster.

For the not so seafood-lover, you can order their Choobi crispy pata, Fried manok, crispy adobong kanding, fried herbed spring duck, belly dance, sizzling boneless bangus and many more. Try to check their food posted below so that you know what to order when you are planning to visit the restaurant.

erich and me photo IMG_2633_zpsld9nnd2v.jpg

A selfie with Erich Gonzales

Choobi Choobi’s grand opening at LLKS was attended by their new brand ambassador, Kapamilya actress Erich Gonzales. Fans flocked at the mall’s rotunda to get a glimpse of her and fortunately for some, they got to dine with Erich at the store located at the 2nd floor of the mall.

Interview photo IMG_2604_zpswrwbbbcu.jpg

Q & A with the Media

Local Medias were invited to grace the event and as a member of CDO Bloggers, I got the chance to see and interview Ms. Erich up close and personal. She entertained all questions thrown at her on why she chose to endorse the said restaurant. Being a seafood-lover, she did not hesitate to accept Choobi Choobi’s invitation to be their brand ambassador.

 photo IMG_2627_zpss7goolcc.jpg

Social Media CDO Bloggers with the Brand Ambassador Erich

 photo IMG_2620_zpsbgtzogwl.jpg

The proud Endorser

In case you have not yet tried the restaurant, visit Choobi Choobi at the 2nd Level East Annex Building at Limketkai Mall or you can also visit them at the 2nd floor of Centrio Ayala Mall, Cagayan de Oro City.

Posting some of their menus below:

crab photo IMG_2650_zpsxpnonpom.jpg

Newest Menu – Chesapeaks Bay Crab and Shrimp boil

fish photo IMG_2643_zpsz43ubibi.jpg

Grilled pompano fish

stan's fried shrimp photo IMG_2640_zpsdlrzcwov.jpg

Stan’s Fried Black Pepper Shrimp and my Favorite!

mussels photo IMG_2636_zpssm0di4ix.jpg

Chilean Mussels





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Experience The Fun at The Mind Museum

When my husband decided to have an on impromptu family vacation in Manila last April, I rammed through my computer trying to look for cheaper plane tickets. Frankly, he should have informed me ahead and not on the last minute, since everyone knows you can hardly avail of  promo fares if you book one week before the actual flight. Nevertheless, I did manage to get low cost airfare for all four (4) of us in the family.

And so the short term planning began… Usually, when we go to Manila, we plan ahead and try to look for good places to visit. We don’t actually stay in Manila but instead travel to other closeby places (Tagaytay, Baguio, Subic, etc.). But since I had little time for that, I just browsed through the internet and tried searching for fun, educational and memorable places to visit, especially with the kids.

The Mind Museum came first to my mind because the last time we went to Manila, we tried to buy tickets but had arrived late…and we didn’t have time to go back again the next day. This time, However, we came well prepared.

The Mind Museum is like Science Comes Alive! As stated in their site, it inspires curiosity, exploration and understanding. Since there were no tour guides, you will just enjoy discovering the place and let your curious mind explore (provided you don’t destroy any of their displays!)

The place is OPEN from Tuesdays to Sundays and CLOSED on Mondays. They offer a 3-hour slot for the day from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Visitors who arrived at 6:01 pm will not be anymore permitted.

For the tickets, the 3-hour slot costs P625 for adults and P475 for private students. For public students, they will be charged for only P190. Teachers are charged P190 also.

But if you want to avail the unlimited pass (where you can enter anytime and no 3-hour limit) you can buy the ticket for P750. You can even go out and come back anytime as long it’s between 9am-6pm and as long as you don’t remove the ‘bracelet’ they provided for you.

However, for this summer, starting April 1 to May 31, 2016, The Mind Museum is offering a promo. App users get an instant upgrade! So, make sure to download The Mind Museum app and present it at the gate to upgrade your 3-hour ticket to an all day pass! Ticket upgrade is valid for the app user and up to 2 friends!

It was a good thing I read it at their site. My husband and I downloaded it right away. We were a group of 6 so 2 of our companions had their tickets upgraded, too!

Another tip that I could share to you is to make sure to bring the ID’s of your kids or any or your companion who is a student. Remember, student rate is different from adult rate so better make sure to bring these items with you.

We went to the Museum on a Friday, the second day of our stay in Manila. We entered at around 1pm and came out almost 5 pm. Inside the museum, we discovered a lot about the planets, human history, fossils, music, sound and much, much more. Science enthusiasts might want to spend the whole day there or even perhaps an entire week! Every hour, for an interval of 20 minutes, there would be a different 3D movie shown at their planetarium. Some members of my family even got to watch 2 times while I only watched once and it was all about our Cosmic Planet.

Since it is quite hard to relate the experiences we had at the museum, I’ll just have to let the pictures speak for itself. You will find some of the pictures in my blog to understand what I’m talking about. Please find time to read the captions so that you will get what its about (Frankly, I’m having a hard time  explaining scientific things, so better to just show you pictures).

 photo bfc94e6f-c08b-4671-99bb-10f0701ad5dd_zpsyvdyzqas.jpg

His name is Ral. You will this outside the museum

Anyway, the museum has a second floor where you can enjoy playing arcade games. You can also make a video of yourself talking about which technology you like best and everyone inside the museum can watch your self-made video 😉

Outside the museum, there is also a park where the kids can enjoy playing and learn at the same time. Even adults like us had fun sliding, making sounds from the water and many more to mention. My kids really had a time of their lives, especially my youngest daughter . She was so happy to see the colorful slides, got to sit on a gumamela flute chair (which really makes a sound) and enjoyed doing see-saws with us. You don’t need to worry if you feel hungry since there’s a Jollibee fast-food right beside the museum.

To those of you who want to know where this place is located, it’s at JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. I hope that through my blog, I am able to help you with what to expect and what to prepare. But most of all, have fun when you get inside the museum!

 photo 37e36c33-e491-422a-b096-a8ad7ca087f0_zpsgu7djr9s.jpg

Inside the museum, you will find this life-sized astronaut. Behind me are planets that would light up if you press a button and hear their explanations.

 photo 85f0bd3f-f7c7-491e-a257-46f26538b6ba_zpsxb3ntk0a.jpg

The Piano Stairs. You can make your own melody as you move thru each step. The kids enjoyed making music in these stairs.

 photo 8a31cac0-5ee6-4747-9adc-f282e9d42a9d_zps9ci7fxmx.jpg

Inside The Shadow Box. My daughter was making fun of her own shadow. When you step into the shadow box, make a pose and leave your mark on the phosphorescent walls.

 photo 223b97b8-59fb-427c-9c88-e6a6d0a74486_zpsdhxwhpwz.jpg

Fossil of a T. Rex Dinosaur. It sure was big. Glad they don’t exist at this era :-)

 photo 3a52fce4-c533-4c05-895e-2b245921037f_zpsfsjuhcud.jpg

Bernoulli’s Principle. The balls here were actually floating thru the air since it has low density.

 photo 5c41ff81-ab29-4697-9b10-1b2de34e0889_zpsgczukhgm.jpg

Capturing the earth in this short film inside their ‘movie-theater’. I think the film was titled our Cosmic Planet

 photo a9640010-2d80-40fc-b223-f7fedb6976f0_zpsvxtjawsw.jpg

Static Effect(?). I think they call this as Van de Graff Static ball coz my hair stood up as I was holding this metallic ball. I actually don’t feel anything. If you want to try this, make sure to remove your jewelries or anything magnetic or metallic in your body.

 photo b7f590b1-86c2-4407-9d6b-95c0e08661b7_zpsinz6vhbb.jpg

These 2 had fun playing the Armadillo race. This arcade is located at the 2nd floor of the building.

 photo bb5db6dd-946d-4879-93a6-c72e3564ad6b_zps73qedool.jpg

The Mind Museum an outdoor Science-in-the-Park. This is located just outside the museum. This is not just an ordinary playground coz there are plenty of things to learn here like Music, Math, Water, Living things.

 photo IMG_2151_zpsz4qy5gvl.jpg

I went to their C.R. and saw this sign outside the cubicle and I find it cute

 photo IMG_2149_zpsrpqzjssa.jpg

What it looks inside the cubicle. There was for mom, for the little girl or little boy. They sure made mom’s life easier this way








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