Why It Has To Be Iloilo

Last October 31, 2018, I had the chance to visit Iloilo thru AirAsia with other CDOBloggers. It was my first time to visit the City of Love that I did not even expect to fall in love with ♥

On our second day at the City, we explored Iloilo and got so fascinated at the serenity of the river at Esplanade. We were actually off to see the Church but stopped the jeepney instead, went down and took some pictures of the river, enjoyed some walks and the peacefulness this place brought to passersby.

Never did I thought I would say this but I wish someday I could go back to this place and bring my family with me, to see its beauty and what Iloilo City can offer to people like me who lives in another City 🙂

S&R CDO Open House Welcomes Non-Member Shoppers

Good news to all shoppers! S&R Membership Shopping will have another Open house on July 12-15, 2018 from 8am to 10pm. If you haven’t visited this store yet, now is your chance to drop them a visit and enjoy shopping their wide selection of imported stuff. You don’t need to have a membership card if you decide to shop on those dates, however, should you decide to sign-up and become a member, you will receive a P200 worth of Gift Certificate from S&R. You might get some freebies, too!

Here’s me, enjoying the company of my furry friends, hehe. You can buy these stuff toys and other items at S&R for an affordable price!

In Cagayan de Oro, S&R is located at Zone 5, Kauswagan Highway (across the RTMI garage, right before you take that right going towards Bulua Bus Terminal). Enjoy your shopping!


Addendum (7/13/2018)

I asked my mommy friends to join me at S&R this rainy Friday morning and they happily came with me. We were so delighted to see these Buy 1 Take 1 Cakes. I bought Oreo cake and it was worth it! It tasted sooooo good, I’ll definitely go back in there to buy another even after the Openhouse :-p The other mommies bought more goodies, foodies and other stuff they that could use at home <3

Davao Vacation 2018

When in Davao, make sure to visit Eden Nature Park and enjoy the rides. Sadly though, for us, we were quite late in getting into the place because of some unavoidable circumstances we met along the way. We thought we would arrived Eden after lunch but our car had some trouble that we went to see a car shop first and had the battery replaced.

Since we were not from Davao, we relied mostly on Gps or Waze. We arrived mostly to our destinations but on that day when we decided to go to Eden, that was when the problem came. We tried to use a shorter route as instructed by Ms. “Jane” of Waze. But halfway on our travel, we realized that the road ahead of us was very rocky. We only used our Toyota Vios and one passersby advised us not to use that route coz it will damage our car 🙁

We went back our way. Better safe than sorry. We decided to use the longer but safer route but we arrived quite late. We were not able to catch up the tour bus so we had to explore the place by ourselves. We just made sure to visit the Flower Garden, the ‘Rainbow’ garden and also the Fish pond.

But before we explored the garden area, my husband and daughter checked out the rides first. They tried Skyriding and enjoyed the fun. It was my husband’s birthday on that day that’s why he was quite hesitant to go for another ride. He said he would try others in another visit. Hmmm…

I didn’t try any rides coz we really lacked time. After snacks, I insisted that we go see the garden area before it gets dark. Everything was done in a rush. We took some pics of the areas nearby but we were not able to go further as it was raining also…sigh 🙁

My 14 year old daughter enjoying the ride (Skyriding)

Despite that, I was happy to see the place. Everyone decided that should we go to Davao next time, our first stop should be Eden and spend the rest of the day enjoying all the rides. We were still glad to go there and did a little fun. I guess the only one who wasn’t that happy was my little girl coz she was not able to take her much needed nap.