Air Glider at San Francisco

This picture was taken at San Francisco, California. A lot of people came to this place to experience Air Glide. I just came here to have my photograph taken but I don’t have the guts to ride on this blue and yellow-colored glide. I’m sure I’m gonna puke or collapse the mere fact that I have acrophobia..

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7 thoughts on “Air Glider at San Francisco

  1. Jessica Cassidy

    awww you are so tiny here Mommy Cookie 🙂 I do not think I can do that too, it is fun for others but scary for me. Visiting from Tuesday Travels, hope that you can return the visit too.

  2. Travelholic

    I was so excited to know if you did try the ride. LOL. You should have tried it Sis, I’m sure it was so fun! Di bale, next time nalang! 😀

    Visiting for TT last week. Thanks for joining. LInky for this week is now up, please join again. 🙂


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