Research Papers

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

It is laughable to me to think about writing papers for school when I was growing up. I can remember my mother driving me to town to visit the library, with a promise to pick me up in a few hours. I’d spend all of my time scribbling down as much information from encyclopedias as I could before she finished running her errands; once she was back, my time was up. I was forced to use whatever information I’d gleaned to write (and by write, I mean actually hand write) the paper. Now? I set my kids up on the internet and go sit in the next room to read a book. They can finish their research at their leisure and then type up the paper sitting right in our living room. They’ve got it made. We did have a slight concern initially when we decided to get internet for this purpose—as it turns out, most of the internet providers don’t offer service in our location. At the recommendation of one of the kid’s teachers, we checked out an article on Satellite Internet compared to Dialup. We were able to sign up for satellite internet, and now completing research papers couldn’t be easier. I love it.

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