Time To Be Careful

After the typhoon locally named “Sendong” (internationally named “Washi”) recently hit our city of Cagayan de Oro and took hundreds of lives and devastated a lot of homes, vehicles and property, a lot of the city’s townsfolk are now seriously considering getting life insurance coverage, as well as insurance coverage for home and property, just in case another catastrophic event such as this would happen again in the future.

However, people are now more careful in choosing the right insurance company for their needs, and in the case of Kagay-anons, as what our city’s townsfolk are call themselves, they need an insurance company which not only caters all types of services in conveniently one package but one with a clause for “Acts of God”, so to speak. That’s because a lot of friends I know had experienced buying brand new cars or recently constructing a new house, only to have it damaged by the recent flood, and then finding out that the insurance company would not pay since “Acts of God” such as floods or earthquakes are not mentioned in the policy.

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