Davao City

Davao City is one of the places I’d like to see again. In my other entry, I’ve mentioned that my family spent Christmas in Davao 2 years in a row (when I was still single). There were so many things that you can see in Davao but we haven’t got the chance to see all of them because of a very limited time.

My next visit with the family was on a Holy Week. That was the time my dad was seriously ill. We traveled to Davao from Cagayan de Oro to fetch him. That was a sad experience but let me just dwell on the good times. Pictures below were taken at Zugba. I don’t know if this resto is still there but all I can say is that their food was superb! I could still remember the yummiest prawns served to us. My next visit to Davao was with my hubby and the last one was with my classmates from nursing school.

with my 2 older brothers

@ Zugba

Outside the place where my family stayed

4 thoughts on “Davao City

  1. emzkie

    OMG! id been to zugba a couple of times before, but now i cant remember where this resto is located in Davao. geez.. i need to go home. its been 5 years already. =(

    visit from TT, hope u can drop by

  2. Travelholic

    I am a Davaoena for a part of my life coz I spent my high school years there. Plus, my late father was buried in Davao, too, so bisan magkadiunsa, mobalik jud japon ko didto. 😀 I got lots of high school friends who I’d love to see again. Hopefully, on my next trip. 😀

    Thanks for joining last week’s TT Mommy Cooks! Please join again; linky for this week is now up! 🙂


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