Upcoming Travel

My family and I will be having a 1 week vacation next month but I haven’t think of things to pack yet. I know it’s a bit early to worry now but anybody should I guess worry when you are going to bring a 2 year old tot. I’ve read or heard from some people that they don’t bring kids with them. They decided to leave their kids at home, especially if they’re too young, but in my case, I just cannot afford to leave my little one. Better we all stay or travel together so that my mind won’t be anywhere else.

This trip was already arranged since May and I can’t believe it’s almost near. I decided to book us flight as the fare was really low at that time. And we didn’t have a grand vacation lately so we might as well utilize the opportunity to travel. I’ll definitely post some pictures soon because this is also my little tot’s first airplane ride. My eldest is 9 years old and she’s looking forward for another ride on the plane. I pray that everything’s safe by then. I hope and pray that the weather is good and we will all be safe and have fun to the place of our destination 😉

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