Cousins Reunited

These are my cousins on my paternal side and the teenagers and little ones are our kiddos. Every 25th of December, we usually have a family reunion at our late grandmother’s place in Iligan City. That was when my father was still alive and most of us were not married yet. But some of us, cousins, lived in different places and having a reunion was a bit impossible. Oh, fyi, we came from a big family. My grandma and grandpa had 13 children and my late dad was the eldest son. So in this picture, we only consisted about 1/16th of the family. And this was not even in Iligan City but here in Cagayan de Oro where some of us resided.

We had a mini-reunion at Centrio Ayala Mall and it was fun seeing the my cousins with their respective families. I wish there will be more reunions next time but I think it’s quite impossible to do this year coz some lived faraway and in another continent.

Still, I am thankful for this mini-reunion. It was nice to reconnect with my cousins and to just update each other’s lives 🙂

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