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Celebrating Birthday at Seda Hotel

This was taken during my birthday last month. We had a family dinner at Seda Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City. My birthday falls on a Friday and Seda Hotel had a Barbecue Grilled buffet that night. We really enjoyed their food and their desserts were superb. I think this is the 2nd or 3rd time that I celebrated my birthday in their restaurant because, obviously, we loved this place! It was not crowded and we certainly liked the ambiance, perfect for celebrating birthdays with my love ones ♥ We went home fully-sated.

Family Weekend at Xavier Estates – CDO

We had our family getaway last July 2013 at Xavier Estates. It was actually what our eldest daughter wanted for her 10th birthday, that is to stay in a hotel during weekend. Her birthday fell on a Thursday so we decided to book on a Saturday. We had a great time and my daughter was so happy I couldn’t ask for me. Let the picture below tell its story:

Xavier Estates photo IMG_0597_zps7233b8dc.jpg

View of Xavier Estates

happy girl photo IMG_0545_zps51c89ecd.jpg

My Happy Girl 🙂

tapa brkfast photo IMG_0640_zps3b7bcbec.jpg

My eldest daughter’s breakfast

bangus brkfast photo IMG_0639_zps9e06fbb3.jpg

Hubby’s breakfast

corned beef photo IMG_0638_zpsca35c18a.jpg

My breakfast is shared with my youngest child. She loves corned beef!

Life These Days

I’m so busy these days that I almost can’t keep up with time. I am busy preparing for my kids’ joint bday celebration at Dynasty Court hotel on Saturday. I contacted also the party mascot because I don’t have the time to buy stuff and all as well as do the hosting. I just want to see there, eat and relax.

After this weekend, I am to study with my eldest daughter coz her 1st quarter exam is almost near. She has so many activities at school I don’t even know where to begin. I hope my daughter can catch up with this and comply with her requirements at the right time. When this month ends, I’ll be preparing our upcoming travels and I hope everything will be fixed by then.. Summarizing these things already made me dizzy…