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My Children’s Birthdays

My two daughters’ birthdays are fast approaching that is why I am currently busy contacting party organizer and finalizing the venue of the party. I have yet to decide the theme, the giveaways and the prizes for the games. Party Candy, toys, accessories are some of the items I listed as prizes and I know the kids will love them. I am also considering children’s books because it’s also useful. I hope I can make up my mind a week before my kids’ birthday.

Aunt’s Birthday

It’s my aunt’s birthday today. She lives in Illinois along with my uncle and 2 young cousins. I haven’t seen them for a long time and hope I get to see them again soon. It’s either they come here and see me or I’ll go to Illinois and hope it’s gonna be soon. My aunt is very frank and that’s what I love in her. She’s a real person and I even find her candid comments hilarious. Anyways, I sent her and E-card and hope she gets it.

Custom Flower Delivery For My Mom

Last May 12 was my mom’s 65th birthday. I was thinking of buying her a gift but I was very busy on that day that it was impossible for me to go to the mall to buy a present. Besides, I don’t know what to give. It was already late afternoon that I decided to have a custom flower delivery for her. I chose a bouquet of red and pink roses with Malaysian mums and baby’s breath, my mom’s favorite. However, the shop will not deliver anymore if ordered beyond 5 pm so I decided to bring the flowers with me. When we went out to dine at the restaurant that evening, I asked my daughter to give the bouquet to her grandma. And how I love to see the big smile on my mom’s face when she received it! To my mom, Happy Birthday!