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Fit and Right!

I am so tired today. My husband told me that we will go shopping this afternoon so we went there together with our two kids. The mall was having a three day sale so most of their items were sold for a very low price. So, instead of buying what he needs, my husband decided to go to mens jeans section to buy a pair for himself.

While he was busy fitting, I brought my kids to another section to buy things for them and later came back for my husband who was not yet done fitting some jeans. Seriously, it took him about thirty minutes to look for his right size. He was really that meticulous. In the end, he got two pairs of jeans that he thought fitted perfectly on him and the best part was that he was able to avail a huge discount!

He mentioned to me that he saw some of the styles online and was glad he found it at the mall in our place. Although not entirely the same, at least it was close to what he saw.

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