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Celebrating Birthday at Seda Hotel

This was taken during my birthday last month. We had a family dinner at Seda Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City. My birthday falls on a Friday and Seda Hotel had a Barbecue Grilled buffet that night. We really enjoyed their food and their desserts were superb. I think this is the 2nd or 3rd time that I celebrated my birthday in their restaurant because, obviously, we loved this place! It was not crowded and we certainly liked the ambiance, perfect for celebrating birthdays with my love ones ♥ We went home fully-sated.

Cousins Reunited

These are my cousins on my paternal side and the teenagers and little ones are our kiddos. Every 25th of December, we usually have a family reunion at our late grandmother’s place in Iligan City. That was when my father was still alive and most of us were not married yet. But some of us, cousins, lived in different places and having a reunion was a bit impossible. Oh, fyi, we came from a big family. My grandma and grandpa had 13 children and my late dad was the eldest son. So in this picture, we only consisted about 1/16th of the family. And this was not even in Iligan City but here in Cagayan de Oro where some of us resided.

We had a mini-reunion at Centrio Ayala Mall and it was fun seeing the my cousins with their respective families. I wish there will be more reunions next time but I think it’s quite impossible to do this year coz some lived faraway and in another continent.

Still, I am thankful for this mini-reunion. It was nice to reconnect with my cousins and to just update each other’s lives 🙂

Art In Island: Where You Can Be Part of the Artwork

One of our most memorable family vacations happened in summer 2016. We went to Manila and right after my brother fetched us from the airport, he dropped us in Art in Island. We decided to eat our lunch there coz it was almost 1pm. But upon arrival, we couldn’t resist taking and posing some pics of the stunning artworks.

We took a break when we couldn’t hold on to our hunger and spent the whole afternoon til evening clicking our cellphones and cameras and striking poses to different paintings. Let our pictures below tell a story:


My daughters had a grand time appreciating art. I was even worried for my youngest because she might have tantrums if we stayed longer in one place. Fortunately, she didn’t. She just took a nap when she felt sleepy so I let her rest in my lap and chest. And when she woke up, we continued to tour the place.

Hubby had fun himself, too, the mere fact that he was quite a party-pooper (blaah, haha), you could tell from the pictures he had fun.


I still have lots of pictures in my folder but I guess I will just post a few as not to bore my readers. If you have not visited Art in Island yet, I suggest you should. Just make sure to bring socks with you (although they sell at the entrance in case you forgot) or you could just go barefoot, which I will not recommend since the floor’s cold. Also, bring some jacket with you if you don’t want to feel cold inside.

Another tips to the family with kids: make sure to bring your children’s school IDs to avail their discounted rate. Have Fun!!!