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Choobi Choobi Grand Launching at Limketkai

Choobi Choobi photo IMG_2654_zps7ontybp7.jpgLast May 1, 2016, Choobi Choobi officially launched their newest branch at Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro City. The store originally opened its first branch in Cebu on July2013. Currently, the store has 16 branches nationwide and still continues growing.

Choobi Choobi’s tag line is “Lingaw Lingaw Kaon!”, a Visayan word for Enjoy, Enjoy Eating! To give a brief background of this store, it is a family oriented casual dining restaurant. Although some thought that this is a Korean establishment because of how the name sounded, the restaurant actually offered Filipino Food Comfort. Their house specialties are mostly shrimps, and there are also squid, shellfish, fish, lobster, giant bamboo clam and baby lobster.

For the not so seafood-lover, you can order their Choobi crispy pata, Fried manok, crispy adobong kanding, fried herbed spring duck, belly dance, sizzling boneless bangus and many more. Try to check their food posted below so that you know what to order when you are planning to visit the restaurant.

erich and me photo IMG_2633_zpsld9nnd2v.jpg

A selfie with Erich Gonzales

Choobi Choobi’s grand opening at LLKS was attended by their new brand ambassador, Kapamilya actress Erich Gonzales. Fans flocked at the mall’s rotunda to get a glimpse of her and fortunately for some, they got to dine with Erich at the store located at the 2nd floor of the mall.

Interview photo IMG_2604_zpswrwbbbcu.jpg

Q & A with the Media

Local Medias were invited to grace the event and as a member of CDO Bloggers, I got the chance to see and interview Ms. Erich up close and personal. She entertained all questions thrown at her on why she chose to endorse the said restaurant. Being a seafood-lover, she did not hesitate to accept Choobi Choobi’s invitation to be their brand ambassador.

 photo IMG_2627_zpss7goolcc.jpg

Social Media CDO Bloggers with the Brand Ambassador Erich

 photo IMG_2620_zpsbgtzogwl.jpg

The proud Endorser

In case you have not yet tried the restaurant, visit Choobi Choobi at the 2nd Level East Annex Building at Limketkai Mall or you can also visit them at the 2nd floor of Centrio Ayala Mall, Cagayan de Oro City.

Posting some of their menus below:

crab photo IMG_2650_zpsxpnonpom.jpg

Newest Menu – Chesapeaks Bay Crab and Shrimp boil

fish photo IMG_2643_zpsz43ubibi.jpg

Grilled pompano fish

stan's fried shrimp photo IMG_2640_zpsdlrzcwov.jpg

Stan’s Fried Black Pepper Shrimp and my Favorite!

mussels photo IMG_2636_zpssm0di4ix.jpg

Chilean Mussels





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Grab a Bite with Greenwich Crispy Thins

 photo IMG_4862_zpsgfxfijp4.jpg

Me! With my favorite Hawaiian pizza!

I am a pizza lover and how glad was I when Greenwich pizza invited the CDOBloggers (where I am a member) because I am really fond of their pizzas. Sometimes, when craving sets in, I order over the phone to have it delivered at home, to the delight of my kids and hubby.

Greenwich launched their new Crispy Thins pizza which comes in 5 different flavors – Signature, Hawaiian, All-Meat, 7-Cheese and Pepperoni. They are much thinner and crunchier and we even got the chance to taste them!

Pizza photo IMG_4856_zpsscfi1qbq.jpgThey also introduced their new sweet dessert called the Choco Banana Chrsip. For only P109, this 9-inch dessert pie is made of bananas, chocolate and our favorite Italian hazelnut cream Nutella!

Choco Banana Crisp photo IMG_4858_zpsgtr74o0k.jpgTry this now! You can order these pizzas at any Greenwich store in Cagayan de Oro and all over the Philippines.

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Have a Bite with Nic’s Pizza Baguettes

CDOBloggers were invited for free tasting at the newly-opened Nic’s Pizza Baguette early February and it was just 3 blocks away from our place! But I wasn’t able to come due to prior commitment. I love pizza so I promised myself to try this pizza with a twist one of these days.

Finally, the long wait was over when my daughter and I passed by the place last week and we stopped right away. For first-timers, we ordered 3 different kinds of solo pizzas so that we can try the other pizzas offered. My daughter and I loved it and brought some home. Everyone in the house liked it, too, including my husband who was able to get a bite when he came home that night. Good thing a little slice was left for him to taste :p

The following afternoon (Saturday), I was surprised to see a box of Nic’s pizza in our dining table. My husband bought some because he could not get enough of the taste. It was really good. So glad I found the place. I am looking forward for another weekend to eat some of Nic’s pizza with my family.

If you have not tried it, visit Nic’s Pizza Baguettes at 14th-21st Sts., Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City just fronting Lourdes College Building.

 photo IMG_3852_zpsxft2x1ax.png

Nic’s Pizza Baguettes – an ultimate pizza with a unique French twist


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