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My daughter loves Disney Princesses and it was so timely that we were able to watch a stage play of Mulan’s story when we went to Enchanted Kingdom last year. Chloe was so happy and so fascinated with the story and how she idolized the main character of the story. When the show ended, I took a picture of her with the 2 Mulans on her side. One was playing the younger Mulan and the other was the older Mulan. See picture below:

Snow World at Star City

February 2010 we went to Manila for a short vacation. I was about 4 months pregnant with Zoe. When we arrived in Manila, my cousin fetched us at the airport and we headed to Mall of Asia right away, the largest mall in the Philippines and 4th largest Mall in the world. And since my daughter was too eager to Star City, my cousin drove us there.

Chloe wanted to experience snow at Snow World so we went there. When inside, she wanted to go out right away for it was freezing cold. We managed to have our picture taken before we finally went out.

Snow World

Magic Lives on…Enchanted Kingdom!

I love these pictures of me and Chloe at Enchanted Kingdom. Beside us were the Wizard and the Princess. I was about 4 months pregnant with Zoe in here and I hope to bring here to EK somebody when she’s a little bit bigger. Enchanted Kingdom is filled with magic, fun and laughter by trying on their different rides, taking in souvenir items and get fascinated with the view.  So far, it was the best vacation we ever had for we had carefully planned and saved for it.