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Golden Gate of San Francisco

The first place I visited in the US was San Francisco. My mom, aunt (sister of my dad) and I stayed at my mom’s cousin. She and her family was kind enough to accommodate and toured us around their place. Of course we didn’t miss to see the magnificent Golden Gate bridge. But there were plenty of people (tourists) at that time so we decided to have our picture taken when were were below the bridge.

L-R: Me, Auntie Nora (mom’s cousin), my Mom and Tita Evelyn

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Twin Peaks, San Francisco

My aunt and uncle brought me, my mom and another aunt to Twin Peaks, San Francisco where we could see the awesome view of the city. Wow, I love the scenery but the wind was quite strong it almost knocked me out! Glad that they put a barred fence because if not, one would surely fall. I still hope to visit this place once again… See our pictures below:

We were holding tight coz it was cold and the wind was quite strong

I wanted to take a solo pic of myself and ended up looking like this.