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Snow World at Star City

February 2010 we went to Manila for a short vacation. I was about 4 months pregnant with Zoe. When we arrived in Manila, my cousin fetched us at the airport and we headed to Mall of Asia right away, the largest mall in the Philippines and 4th largest Mall in the world. And since my daughter was too eager to Star City, my cousin drove us there.

Chloe wanted to experience snow at Snow World so we went there. When inside, she wanted to go out right away for it was freezing cold. We managed to have our picture taken before we finally went out.

Snow World

Snow World

Pictures below were taken 2 years ago while I was still 4 months pregnant with Zoe. We went to Manila for a brief vacation and right after we arrived, we went to MOA to have our lunch together with my cousin who picked us up at the airport and drove us around Manila. Chloe was too excited to see Manila for it was her first time. She told my cousin, her aunt, that she wanted to go to Snow World. Luckily, her aunt was fond of her so her wish was granted. We went to Star City because Snow World was there. Chloe was getting giddy and excitement filled her. Finally, we reached our destination. While paying for our tickets, I read their rules and stated in there was: Pregnant women are not allowed (also those who are asthmatic, etc, etc). But I wanted to see what was inside. Besides, I was only 4 months pregnant. The bulge in my tummy was not even obvious so off I went 😀

snow worldWe were all grinning from ear to ear in these pictures but the truth was, once we got inside, Chloe could not stand the noise. It was as if we were put inside a big freezer of a refrigerator. It was so noisy! Another thing, it was very cold. Of course, that’s how we should feel when we go to a place that snows! But my husband commented that what they showed was not an ordinary snow but a blizzard, haha 🙂

What was funny was that Chloe wanted to get out of the place right away. Her excitement was totally washed out. My cousin who was wearing a mini dress left the place less than 5 minutes. Chloe tried to follow her aunt but I stopped her. I wanted our pictures taken for souvenir. It would be a waste if we in don’t have a remembrance.

snow worldSo you see, we still smiled as if we all enjoyed what we saw. Or maybe I really did enjoy 😉 I only wore slippers but good thing I wore pants. Still, I love how our visit to Snow World turned out to be. At least next time, Chloe will not drag me to go to this place anymore, hehehe…