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Tagaytay Volcano

The magnificent view of Taal Volcano. This was taken from my brother’s camera when we went to Tagaytay with our families last May 19, 2013. Good thing his lens can still capture the volcano even though we were kilometers away from the view. We went to Picnic Grove and had fun in there, my daughter had a great time horseback riding while the rest of us enjoyed the scenario.
 photo bac5ad8e-f05f-41df-9909-99f190d71f33_zps8d5aa0b2.jpg

I hope to post more some of our pictures as there are plenty. Time is a leisure for me these days so please bear with me. I hope to get back on the blogging world and be active again. Meantime, enjoy the view of Tagaytay thru the pic I posted here 😉


My husband and I have been married for more than 9 years but it seems like yesterday when we tied the knot and said our “I do’s” in front of our families and friends. After our wedding, we went to Tagaytay for our honeymoon. It was my second time to go there. One of the places that we went to was People’s Park In The Sky. Sad to say, the place was not maintained. It looked deserted to think it used to look beautiful when I first went there. I remembered before that a lot of people came to see this tourist spot but when I came back, I could hardly see people around us.

For our souvenir, we just took turns in taking pictures of ourselves.

At my back is Taal Volcano. I love this view!

We visited Picnic Grove. It was newly built at this time. I also like this pic. It looks like a postcard. In this picture was my young cousin. Her family picked us up when it was time for us to go back to Manila. Hope to visit Tagaytay again with my kids. It sure is a great place for a vacation. And I love the weather there, cool and breezy =)

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