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Davao Vacation 2018

When in Davao, make sure to visit Eden Nature Park and enjoy the rides. Sadly though, for us, we were quite late in getting into the place because of some unavoidable circumstances we met along the way. We thought we would arrived Eden after lunch but our car had some trouble that we went to see a car shop first and had the battery replaced.

Since we were not from Davao, we relied mostly on Gps or Waze. We arrived mostly to our destinations but on that day when we decided to go to Eden, that was when the problem came. We tried to use a shorter route as instructed by Ms. “Jane” of Waze. But halfway on our travel, we realized that the road ahead of us was very rocky. We only used our Toyota Vios and one passersby advised us not to use that route coz it will damage our car 🙁

We went back our way. Better safe than sorry. We decided to use the longer but safer route but we arrived quite late. We were not able to catch up the tour bus so we had to explore the place by ourselves. We just made sure to visit the Flower Garden, the ‘Rainbow’ garden and also the Fish pond.

But before we explored the garden area, my husband and daughter checked out the rides first. They tried Skyriding and enjoyed the fun. It was my husband’s birthday on that day that’s why he was quite hesitant to go for another ride. He said he would try others in another visit. Hmmm…

I didn’t try any rides coz we really lacked time. After snacks, I insisted that we go see the garden area before it gets dark. Everything was done in a rush. We took some pics of the areas nearby but we were not able to go further as it was raining also…sigh 🙁

My 14 year old daughter enjoying the ride (Skyriding)

Despite that, I was happy to see the place. Everyone decided that should we go to Davao next time, our first stop should be Eden and spend the rest of the day enjoying all the rides. We were still glad to go there and did a little fun. I guess the only one who wasn’t that happy was my little girl coz she was not able to take her much needed nap.

Our Zoobic Safari Experience

Zoobic photo IMG_0001_zpsc5c36ffd.jpg

One of the places we visited during our Summer Vacation was the Zoobic Safari in Subic. Each one of us had a blast, oh, except for the little one who was quite cranky before we started the safari. Our little girl later enjoyed watching the animals even the big tigers. It was very hot that time and quite dusty and we were really thirsty during the tour. But after we were done, the fun was all worth it. However, my little Zoe fell asleep before we even reached our final destination. Big sister Chloe had the best time of her life as she loves animals, too.

If you go to Subic, don’t miss the fun in Zoobic Safari. You will see tigers, different kinds of birds, tigers and many, many more!

Tagaytay Volcano

The magnificent view of Taal Volcano. This was taken from my brother’s camera when we went to Tagaytay with our families last May 19, 2013. Good thing his lens can still capture the volcano even though we were kilometers away from the view. We went to Picnic Grove and had fun in there, my daughter had a great time horseback riding while the rest of us enjoyed the scenario.
 photo bac5ad8e-f05f-41df-9909-99f190d71f33_zps8d5aa0b2.jpg

I hope to post more some of our pictures as there are plenty. Time is a leisure for me these days so please bear with me. I hope to get back on the blogging world and be active again. Meantime, enjoy the view of Tagaytay thru the pic I posted here 😉