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Vacation on Hold

I am planning to take my kids on a short vacation next month. Sadly, the airline ticket how now increased. I am still crossing my fingers that they will offer another promo. My husband and I thought of spending a very short vacation in Manila with the kids and we will be staying at my brother’s place. If only I was quick to book our flight, I everything would have been okay by now.

But at this moment, I am not so sure with the plans anymore. I guess I’ll be going on my own as I have other matters to attend to also. But it would have been great if I can go to Manila business with pleasure. Sigh, I’m sad for the kids if this will not be pushed thru…

To Bond In Thailand With Friends

My high school friends/classmates wanted to meet up end of November. I’ve not seen some of them for a long time and I’m quite excited for our lunch date. One of my friends called me on the phone and came up with so many plans. She wanted us to bond outside the country. While I was thinking about Singapore, she said we will go first to Thailand. I know for sure what she wanted in there. She’s looking for gold or jewelry items. However, she said she doesn’t know how to book online so she asked me to help her. I told her that we will just wait for sale prices so that we can save a lot on our airfare. Well, this plan to go to Thailand kept me excited. If everything fall into places, I will definitely go to Thailand and spend some good time with my friends.

Hong Kong Escapade

Arrived Hong Kong this morning but my adrenaline rush was really high, hehe. I woke up the kids at the wee hour in the morning so that we can go to the airport early. At Manila International airport, there were so many processes that we need to undergo like pay the travel tax (which costs around 1680 per adult person & 810 for kids excluding P400 for processing fee!), then lined up before checking in (which took us more than 40 minutes), then paid again airport tax before we could proceed to the immigration. I thought the long line was over but it was so slow at the immigration, no wonder lots of passengers were left behind by their flight (but I guess it’s still the passenger’s faults). We lined up for another 40 minutes before we finally proceed to our gate, which was quite far to walk (to think I was carrying a 2 year old tot). I was finally able to relax but for only about 10 minutes when it was announced that our gate was transferred so, we need to walk for a few minutes to reach there. We were at the airport 3 hours earlier but I guess we were ble to sit and relax for only 30 minutes when we were called to board the plane. My toddler slept in the plane which was good coz she Really lacked sleep.

When we arrived at Hong Kong International airport, I thought that was it. It was my first time to go to Hong Kong and I’ve only read online what to expect when we arrive there. But it’s different when you’re there, physically. So, we just followed where to go and I thought the immigration was just nearby. Then we rode on a very high escalator, which I thought would take forever, the mere fact that I was carrying my 2yr old daughter. After that, we were transported by a train. When we reached the immigration for visitors, the line was so long but there’s nothing we could do but follow. The immigration personnel didn’t asked me that much, he only wanted to see our faces. Finally, we went to get our luggages at the carousel. We stayed at the airport for awhile, breathing in and out, hehe. We were actually trying to have some guts and energy before going out to look for our ride.

I bought me, my mom and my eldest child octopus cards. My toddler is free so thank goodness for that. Then, we went out to look for a bus ride. When I saw the bus number that I was looking for, we all rode right away, not thinking that the bus was already full. We had a hard time looking for a seat because the driver drove his bus already. Good thing that some passengers, who were mostly tourist, took my 2 year old and let her sit on his lap until I can find a place to sit. I was the one busy putting our luggages & my mom was carrying my baby but since she was quite slow in looking for a seat, I took my child while the bus was running.. After that, right then and there, I told myself that we will ride a taxi in going to airport when we go home.

Stopping on our destination was another challenge. But I already knew where but still, I can’t be too sure because it’s different when you’re actually there. So, I kept on asking the other passengers (just to be sure), who were kind enough to tell me where I should stop. We were heading for Nathan Road at Tsim Sha Tsui and found out how busy the street was. When we disembarked, my mom told me that we should walk slowly so that we won’t be that stressed. But I told her we can’t do that yet as it was too hot outside. I promised her that we would rest if we were at the hotel. Our luggage also burdens me a lot especially that one of the bags was kind of destroyed. When we reach at the building where we were headed, I asked an old man about our hotel. He shook his head, as if trying to tell me the hotel didn’t exist. Dang! So I walk a few steps, checking if there’s another elevator and took out my map. Suddenly, that old man came running after me with a young companion who asked me if there was something he can do for us. Then I told him I was looking for California Hotel. Turns out that I was already at the exact place when I asked the old man. I guess the old man was trying to tell me that he doesn’t speak English.

So, we rode an elevator going to 4th floor and sighed a relief when I found our hotel. However, I was told by the receiving personnel that we can only check in after 2pm, which I also expected as what I’ve read in their policy. It was past 12noon that time and we were so tired and famished. But the personnel took a quick glance on my 2 year old child then suddenly told me to wait if they can find a vacant room. When it was confirmed, he told us to wait for 30 minutes so that they can clean the room and my child can rest. I was again relieved to hear that and told him that my child’s already tired and cranky, not to mention, messy, hehe.

We were finally in our room after 30 minutes. Thankfully, my brother’s nanny (where we stayed in Manila), cooked us food which my mom put it inside her check-in luggage. We took it out and ate it inside the room. We were so tired to go out that and we plan only to go out and explore the place later. Meantime, let me rest for awhile. My 2kids are taking a nap and I guess I also need it. I need to check on the convenience store to buy water and look for money changer and buy tickets for Disneyland at the 5th floor of this building. Update you soon!