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Family Weekend at Xavier Estates – CDO

We had our family getaway last July 2013 at Xavier Estates. It was actually what our eldest daughter wanted for her 10th birthday, that is to stay in a hotel during weekend. Her birthday fell on a Thursday so we decided to book on a Saturday. We had a great time and my daughter was so happy I couldn’t ask for me. Let the picture below tell its story:

Xavier Estates photo IMG_0597_zps7233b8dc.jpg

View of Xavier Estates

happy girl photo IMG_0545_zps51c89ecd.jpg

My Happy Girl 🙂

tapa brkfast photo IMG_0640_zps3b7bcbec.jpg

My eldest daughter’s breakfast

bangus brkfast photo IMG_0639_zps9e06fbb3.jpg

Hubby’s breakfast

corned beef photo IMG_0638_zpsca35c18a.jpg

My breakfast is shared with my youngest child. She loves corned beef!

One Fine Sunday at Xavier University


These pictures were taken inside Ateneo de Cagayan – Xavier University Campus. This school was hubby and my college Alma Mater. It’s also where we attend mass every Sunday. Behind us is the statue of St. Ignatius de Loyola. That’s why this building here is called Loyola house. I used to make ‘tambay’ here during my college days. Oh, that’s me and my daughter Chloe. We were both wearing the same style of clothes 🙂


Obviously, this picture was taken on a palm Sunday coz Chloe was holding what we call “Lukay”. Baby Zoe was clinging so hard on me here. Unfortunately, there was no available size for her dress so I just let her wear her baby gap dress. Chloe told me that she will get my clothes soon and hers will be given to Zoe, hmmm… I also took a photo of Baby Zoe and Daddy to be fair. Far behind them is the Immaculate Concepcion chapel.