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Golden Gate of San Francisco

The first place I visited in the US was San Francisco. My mom, aunt (sister of my dad) and I stayed at my mom’s cousin. She and her family was kind enough to accommodate and toured us around their place. Of course we didn’t miss to see the magnificent Golden Gate bridge. But there were plenty of people (tourists) at that time so we decided to have our picture taken when were were below the bridge.

L-R: Me, Auntie Nora (mom’s cousin), my Mom and Tita Evelyn

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Dinosaurs Alive

We watched Dinosaurs Alive last February 4, 2012 at Limketkai Center upon the insistence of my eldest daughter, Chloe. She’s a big fan of dinosaurs to think they look pretty scary. Although other people were not eager to watch and others were not satisfied with what they saw, my family and I enjoyed watching the exhibit, most especially Chloe. It’s also very educational and it’s only rare that we get to see this. The robotic dinosaurs came all the way from Australia and glad it reached Cagayan de Oro City 😉

Carrying a very upset Zoe.. She’s not happy with dinos but finally smiled when she saw Barney 😀

The ticket cost P350/head but free admission for kids below 2 years old so we did not pay for baby Zoe anymore. Inside the atrium, they tried to make the place looked like a jungle but not too dark for us to see. We could also hear the sounds of the dinosaurs and some were moving. It didn’t look appealing to Zoe especially when she saw Apatosaurus (long-necked dino – imagine Little Foot of The Land Before Time). While Chloe enjoyed what she saw, Zoe was kind of scared that we took her out from her stroller and carried her. She got only relieved when she saw Barney and friends’ stands coz she always watched them on DVD. We didn’t stay long and Chloe was quite dismayed. There were plenty of people that day and Zoe was cranky so we didn’t ‘review’ watching the dinos and headed to the exit area.

L: Dunno who’s the kid beside me, she just appeared from nowhere, haha. Behind me is the T-Rex, Barney’s scary alter-ego. R: Baby triceretops looking at the eggs ~ her siblings.

One week later, Chloe went back to see the dinosaurs again. She was with her grandma who didn’t see the dinos yet. Baby Zoe and I tagged along but we were just outside waiting for them. The ticket was trimmed down to P335/person or P1,000 for 3 but I decided not to go with them. Better buy the other P335 for our snacks, hehe. Besides, Zoe’s sleepy so I put her down to sleep while waiting for them outside. Chloe left the place very happy for she was able to take a video and carefully scrutinized the dinos.

L: Chloe’s obviously having a grand time R: Family pic but Zoe’s not looking at the camera. Me & Chloe in white shorts, Zoe in white tops & shoes.

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The Labyrinth

If we are FB friends, this is the picture you can see at the header on my timeline. I love this pic coz I looked so happy here, hehe. I was in Chicago and my aunts brought me to see Chihuly in the Park’s Garden of Glass. I am planning to post a separate entry of his amazing artworks but for the meantime, let me post only this… Anyway, we passed by the Labyrinth and I liked what I saw. So, I asked my aunt to take a picture of me in the middle of the maze. I also have a picture with a scarecrow somewhere here but I was not able to scan it. Might post it next time (“,)

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